Jimmy Jib is a camera crane and with this equipment we can get many different moving or fixed images. Jimmy Jib can be used for studios or outdoor tv programs, adverts, dramas, events, weddings, video clips, sports, music, concerts, etc. the lasting features that Jimmy Jib is able to provide your images with is breath-taking beautiful. Take the opportunity to see with your very own eyes the lengths that the jimmy jib can take your images to. Jimmy Jib is safe, and the transportation and installation are also something we provide for you, rent a Jimmy Jib with or without the operator. We can also provide the camera you want to use with the Jimmy Jib.

We have two types of cranes. One of them is Jimmy Jib Triangle.
Jimmy Jib Triangle can carry up to 22.68 kg cameras
You can use the Jimmy Jib Triangle in different lengths.
Standard – 6 feet – 1.8 metres
Giant – 12 feet – 3.6 metres
Super – 18 feet – 5.4 metres
Super Plus – 24 feet – 7.3 metres
Extreme – 30 feet – 9.1 metres

  • designed to make your experience with enjoyable, expedient, and more professional.

We also have Jimmy Jib Lite
Jimmy Jib Lite is more budget – minded, less heavy than The Triangle, easy transport, and setup. It reaches up to 18 feet (5.4 metres) and carry up to 9 kg cameras.

We also provide 40 feet Jimmy Jib track that makes your images more cinematic.