We provide the video and photography needs of people or organisations,
find creative audiences and provide all kinds of technical or human support.
We can supply all round camera equipment in the direction of your demands
and your needs to make your dreams a reality.

Video Shooting

One or multi cameras to your needs with HD or 4K we will
assist, with our creative team and equipment we prepare
your video with the best shoots.

Video and photography

We provide you with your pre-recorded videos, pictures the
opportunity to bring them life in the best way possible for
your demands and needs

Live Events

To all kinds of organisations, we provide camera and live
streaming services. If you want to make your live events,
festivals, conference, weddings, take advantage of our
services to show what you have to offer in the best way
possible. We are also able to show live events in all social
media platforms.

Equipment Rental

The equipment we provide to rent are the following

JIMMY JIB Triangle and Jimmy Jib Lite (camera crane)
CAMERA and Camera Lenses


We aim to reach your target audience with the most
suitable visors in order to plan your company’s identity.


Customer satisfaction
To complete projects on time and deliver to our clients
Sustainable imagination
Sustainable imagination

To Take Advantage of EK Productions

Video and photography to make your dreams a reality.